Monday, February 3, 2014

Missed a Week, Blood Angels vs Iyanden, and how armies differ between Editions....

So I missed a week, sorry. We didn't have a game the previous week so I didn't have much to say on the matter. On top of all that I am not really that interested in Tyranid at the moment since I cannot find my HQs and I have no interest in the Fantasy Dwarves at all. Ok so some of the new figs for the Dwarves look pretty nice.

Fortunately this week we did get a game in between Scott's Blood Angels and George's Iyanden armies. They ran with the random Missions Cards, Scott getting Purge the Alien and George getting Big Guns Never Tire. We gave Scott a chance to see what his Blood Angels may look like in 6e by allowing him to use the point values from the Space Marine Codex for any units that actually showed up in that book. It gave him approximately another unit and a half which seems to be a major difference in point values to me. I guess i will need to go back and see if the points for my Dark Angels were that bad as well. An y how, the Dice Gods hated George with a passion and after about 8 or 9 "1"s in Scott's opening turn, George really didn't have a whole lot of Scoring Units left that weren't in reverse. I must say though that while George did take a hit with the dice this last game he fought hard and still had a chance up until turn 4 when he had to concede.

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