Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time Lost

So it appears that Christmas happened and then a sever lack of gaming followed. Not sure why but it happened. With the lack of interest in Tyranids and Imperial Knights and little time to actually paint anything I haven't really had anything to post nor have I wanted to post something just for the sake of posting something. Fortunately a bit has changed, we now have some rumors about the some to arrive Imperi.... Adeptus Militarum (think i spelled that correctly.... oh well) and I also have a compressor and airbrush. With this I should soon have new rules for my motley band of Guardsmen and the speed at which I can get them painted should be much increased (having to hand base 40 guardsmen was kind of depressing).

This weekend should see our first game in quite a while. At this moment it looks like a 2v2 game between Blood Angels and Iyanden versus Tau and Imperial Guard (They aren't Militarum yet!). The plan is to have each player draw a random mission and the team with the most VP at the end is the winning team. So that would be 2 missions per a team and since there are 2 cards for each mission it is possible for both players on a team to get the same mission for double the VP. Figured it should at least be interesting and probably rather chaotic if nothing else.

Oh and has anyone noticed that one of the new Ogryn for the Militarum kind of looks like Sloth from the Goonies?

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