Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Battle: Tau/Imperial Guard vs Iyanden/Blood Angels

So the Tau/Imperial Guard were just barely victorious and it took me until Saturday morning before I remembered that I got a VP for each fast attack unit that I destroyed (Thank you Scott for taking that Land Speeder). So the game was long and very Chaotic and for for our part the Tau/IG side should have lost, but by chance along we won it. Did we have tactics? NO. Did we have good dice rolls? NO. Did I just happen to draw "The Scouring" and then Austin kill that Land Speeder? Yes. Now if Scott or George had drawn "Big Guns Never Tire" we would have lost by about 4 VP. So we are going to call this simply a lucky win and probably the last game I will play with my Imperial Guard. Yes I am retiring them with a win for the two or so weeks until the new codex. The next time they play they will officially be Astra Militarum.

I had meant to get some pictures but once things got started I completely forgot in the excitement of actually getting to play again. Sorry. Hopefully I can get some picture of something up soon. I will be doing so work on my Daughter's Sisters this week.

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