Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plans for the weekend. 1v1x2 I think.

It is Tuesday and we think we have a plan and unfortunately it does not include my Imperial Guard since they are now retired until they grow up to be the Astra Militarum. It does include my Dark Angels though, 1250 points worth of them and a lot of randomness.

Friday if everything goes as plan two side by side games where we chose our opponents and our missions randomly. It will be 1250 points a side and all list should be done before Friday. So I get to take a experimental list of Dark Angels against....well I don't know yet. My wife claims that she will be the person that randomly determines opponents and I think I will let her do just that, not sure how she plans of determining the outcome. This is good then, we don't know who our opponent is, we don't know what our mission will be or the mission of our opponent, and we don't know what table we will get. We will just do everything in a random fashion.

So this is the plan. I am taking a DA list that is out of my norm and there is no knowledge of the battle ahead. I guess I have a bit to think on in the coming days. Maybe I can come up with a way to counter every possible list my opponents can bring to bear or maybe I will just go take a nap. A nap sounds good actually.

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