Friday, September 27, 2013

Army Builders: Quartemaster

I love building army lists and I have been known to do it for fun. For a very long time I had been using Army Builder and loved it but one day I let the license lapse. On top of that my laptop is currently a door stop so there is no reason to renew my license and there is probably a much cheaper alternative. Last night I started looking around and one of my searches pulled up an iPad app. After taking a look at it for a while and checking out the web page I bought it. Now I am skeptical of iPad apps because I have an old first generation and a good portion of the apps now require a "Forward Facing Camera" yet they never state that in their requirements. I spent the $5 on the expectation of having to contact Apple and tell them to give me my money back because the app requirements were wrong, fortunately enough they weren't.

So I am now the owner of a copy of Quartermaster. I highly suggest that if you purchase the app that you go to their site and give the User Guide a quick read just to avoid any confusion, being in IT, I expected some confusion and after a couple of minutes I decided my life was difficult enough that I would just go read up. Quartermaster appears to be a full-fledged army builder, of course you can build army list and it does a good job of keeping your list legal. I double checked a couple of my builds against the codices just to be sure and they were correct. You can also build templates and share them out so others can use them. Speaking of templates you will need to download them and the User Guide does a good job of telling you how. The templates are user created and the site that was listed has most everything you will need. The couple I looked over seemed to be correct and up to date, those that aren't have the release date of the file clearly listed on the site. The App allows you to publish your army list to the app for viewing, to most of the document viewers on my iPad and to email, if I missed something under publishing I probably wouldn't have used it anyways (sorry).

I can honestly say that of the tablet based army list builders, both free and purchased, quartermaster is the only one I feel was worth the price. I am not saying that I have tried every one out there but after only a couple of minutes and a glance through of the User Guide I was very comfortable with the app. If anyone is interested I linked their website below.


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