Monday, September 30, 2013

My POV on playing Tau

POV Addition
First I would like to come off saying that I enjoyed playing Tau and in fact Tau were going to be my main fighting force but  my son decided otherwise as you have noticed. I do like the fact that they are a shooty army and tend to do well as long as you keep your distance seeing how they are squishy when up close and personal with most if not all armies. Some of their guys shoot for crap but they make up for that in numbers. As you saw in the first round those numbers came into play and getting within 15 inches it’s even more deadly.

So on with my POV.

Now looking back at the troops I took, while it was somewhat thrown together at the last moment they did fairly well. If I knew more about the Tau units than I did I would have taken different choices. One issue I saw (and didn’t think about in the beginning) was that I only took 2 scoring units. This was a BIG flaw in my list of guys. One advantage I had were the Crisis Suites which are new figs for my son and in fact he has not even used them yet in a battle. I didn’t know how well they would do but all in all I think they were one of the deciding factures in this win.


Knowing now what I do about the troops I took, here are the choices I should have made.

First is replace the Pathfinders with more Fire warriors.

While the Pathfinders did well on the first round they didn’t last after that round and they are also NOT a scoring unit which was the BIG flaw of what I took.

Second would be the Bodyguard.

Now this would be a tough choice for me to change but I think taking him out is a better option. Reason why it would be tough to take him out is because he did very well with the Commander but taking him out would give my Fire Warriors each a Shield drone (better saves) and would also give my Commander a Gun Drone with the points that would be available.

Third is my Commander

Now I wouldn’t have taken him out but I did make a mistake with him. I misread the rules for Vectored retro-thrusters and thought this allowed hom to move shoot and then move again. That was totally incorrect and in fact he already was able to do this due to jet packs. So taking out that support system I would be able to give him a Drone controller and as I said above a Gun Drone. Doing this gives the drone the same BS as my Commander which gives a better advantage when the drone shoots.

So all in all I enjoyed playing a different army from my Blood Angels and if I had a chance to play others I would do so. It would give me a better perspective of my targets in the long run.




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