Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Firstly I am not a rumor guy and I am not planning on getting into being a rumor guy. There are already so many good rumors sites out there and they have the connections, but saying that the link below may have some interest to at least one person in my gaming group so I figured I would link to it.

While I was most interested in the article due to the Sisters of Battle information a buddy of mine plays Blood Angels so how do you think he would feel about an updated codex?

From Faeit 212

Sister's of Battle and Blood Angel Digital Codex Releases


  1. I would indeed be rather joyful having the new 6E codex iPad addition. So if this rumor is true it will ready to purchase it as soon as it is available. If the rumor is not true well then I shall curse them for spreading the LIE!!

  2. The image looks like it was taken from a White Dwarf.