Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Campaign Begins!

For a while now our group has been talking about putting together a Campaign in order to give us something a little more to focus on besides the normal 1v1 or 2v2 battles be had been doing for a while now. Personally I was just looking for a change. So we came up with a slightly modified change to the good old Planetary Empires rules. So what I am going to post here is the first part of Campaign Turn 1. We have chosen our controller sectors and played the first round of Battles.

Here is the Turn 1 Sector Map with the Army holding and Attacks.

Turn 1 Sector Objectives 
Imperial Guard
Sectors – 9
Space Ports - 2 (1 Hive)
Power Station – 2 (1 Hive): 12
Command Bastion – 2 (1 Hive): 16
Shield Generator – 2 (1 Hive)
Manufactorum – 2 (1 Hive): 22

Blood Angels
Sectors – 9
Space Ports – 2 (1 Hive)
Power Station – 2 (1 Hive): 20
Command Bastion – 1 (Hive): 10
Shield Generator – 1 (Hive)
Manufactorum – 1 (Hive): 6

Sectors – 9
Space Ports – 2 (1 Hive)
Power Station – 1 (Hive): 10
Command Bastion – 3 (1 Hive): 33
Shield Generator – 1 (Hive)
Manufactorum – 2 (1 Hive): 12

Sectors – 9
Space Ports – 2 (1 Hive)
Power Station – 2 (1 Hive): 16
Command Bastion – 2 (1 Hive): 18
Shield Generator – 2 (1 Hive)

Manufactorum – 1 (Hive): 8

Turn 1 – Actions
Imperial Guard: Attacked Tau 4,3 Hive – Imperial Guard Win 4+ VP – Sector Secured Failed
Blood Angel: Attacked Eldar 1,2 Space Port - ?? -??
Eldar: Attacked Blood Angel 4,4 – Blood Angel Win 2 VP – Sector Defended

Tau: Attacked Eldar 4,1 Manufactorum - ?? - ??

So we played the first to games this weekend. My Imperial Guard attacked the Tau Controlled Hive sector and I won the battle with something around 7 victory points but still required a 9 on a roll of 2d6 due to the Shield Generator in the Hive to take it. I failed with a 3. Go figure that I smash Austin's Tau and I cannot hold the territory. I completely forgot to get pictures of the battles but I will try to do better in the future. 

G's Eldar also attack the Blood Angels and while the list looked good it was all G could do to prevent Scott's Blood Angels getting the 4+ victory points on defense to get a Counter Attack. If the battle hadn't gone on for a full 7 turns I am not sure G could have done it. Actually I am pretty sure Scott would be counter attacking if it had ended earlier.

I am hoping to get the games army list posted as soon as i can get them together.

Next up, it looks like G's Eldar get to defend their lines against both the Blood Angels and Tau. It seems I get away pretty easily this turn. 

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