Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blood Angels - 500 Test List

So Scott decided to send me the info on his list from last Friday and I decided I would pass it on and comment.

Blood Angel 500

HQ - Librarian

Troop - 10 man Tactical Squad; Rhino

Troop - 5 man Scout Squad

Fast Attack - 5 man Assault Squad; Drop Pod

Heavy Support - Predator

I must say that between the Drop Pod Assault and the Scouts infiltrating he had me on the defense early on. We were playing with the Relic being the Primary Mission and the Scouring being the Secondary. Scott started with his Scouts deployed 3" from the Relic and the Drop Pod just out of my deployment due to deviation and that is all the luck he seemed to have in turn one. I had a bit more luck in that I one shot his Rhino with a meltagun causing it to explode at max range. It took out 2 Tactical Marines and a couple of scouts.

The next couple of turns were maneuvering and minor casualties due to shooting. Scott's Scout move the Relic towards his deployment and a 4 point objective. We did had an assault between his Assault Marines and one of my Grey Hunter squads which held out long enough for my second Grey Hunter squad to come an assist. At this point Scott had 7 points and I had 5. The only way i was going to win this game was to deny the Relic to him and man did I get lucky with a boltgun shot from close to max range through forest against his last scout with the Relic. I made the shot and Scott failed the save. While we did roll for another turn we came to the consensus the while his Predator could hold the 4 point objective he had no way of grabbing the Relic since I had his only infantry unit locked in melee with my Blood Claws and Librarian.

My Wolf Guard Terminators had a bad Deep Strike and worse armor saves but did a very good job keeping Scott's units from firing at my grey hunters for a couple of turns and let me get my Blood Claws into a good position, but all in all they were nothing more than an expensive decoy. Hopefully I wont get so unlucky with them in the next game.

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