Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A New Start and a new army....

So the group seems to be getting back to playing again after a very busy holiday season. We have plans to try out a campaign based on Planetary Empires with a couple minor changes though I think we are still a couple of weeks out on that due to scheduling. The big news isn't the fact that we started up playing again or the campaign but the fact that after a year or so of talking about it I have finally started working on my wife's Space Wolf army.

I got a base 500 army built for her and play tested it last weekend against Scott's Blood Angels. The games was friendly since we were both trying to learn an army since this was his first game with the new codex and i haven't played Space Wolves since 2nd Edition.

Space Wolf Core 500 

HQ - Rune Priest

Troop - 2 x 5 man Gray Hunters w/ Meltagun

Troop - 5 man Blood Claws w/ Flamer; 1 Wolf Guard Pack Leader w/ Power Weapon; Rhino

Elite - 3 man Wolf Guard Terminators w/ 2 x Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields and 1 x Pair of Wolf Claws

I do have a test list for 1000 points that will most likely see a revised 1000 Blood Angel list this weekend. The test list isn't what i am looking for in the Space Wolves but it will be good to see a couple of options that I wouldn't normally take with my Dark Angels but I have no issue using with the Wolves.

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