Monday, February 23, 2015

Friday evening beating! Tau vs Space Wolves

So I had a Space Wolves Test Army that I was pretty sure was going to fail and it did. I ran a 1000 point list which included the 500 points that I already had for my wife plus a squad of scouts, a venerable dread in a drop pod, a vindicator, and a additional terminator with an assault cannon. This is not the norm for me since I would rather have more infantry but since I wanted to see how the Drop Pod Dread and Vindicator played with the Space Wolves I decided to give them a try. I must say I wasn't impressed.

So the game took place on a rather cluttered table with lots of ruins and some forest and for the most part I got the advantage but then again I was going up against Austin's Tau. I hate how the Tau can just up a ignore cover saves. The scenario was a Relic run and like the game I played against Scott the week before the game was won by the fact that the Relic and Objective was denied in turn 5. This time though I was the one that got denied. I would like to say that the Dice Gods weren't on my side and complain about this and that but the fact is that I left my left flank open and Austin took advantage of it. There was also a early turn 5 move I could have made to secure the Relic better but I didn't. Austin exploited most all the wholes in my defense and seeing that this was a friendly game when he had questions I answered them. The better he gets the more fun the games will be so since i was just playing to test I had no issue helping him out with questions.

So in the end Austin got his first win, I remember why I don't take Vindicators in lower point armies and need to figure out a better way to deploy reserve troops. The game was fun and hopefully I will get a copy of both armies some time later in the week.

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