Monday, November 18, 2013

Battle Blood Angels versus Imperial Guard

So Scott and myself had a friendly 1000 point game last Friday and for the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get him to field an Assault list for his Blood Angels. Well Friday he did so and in turn one wiped out 20 of my 56 guys in turn one before I any any chance at all to do anything. The then proceeded to systematically pick what was left of my army apart. At the end of turn 6 I had 6 figs on the board, my Company Commander and the Unit of Dark Angel Scouts that I took as allies. I wasn't disappointed with the game since when the first Drop Pod hit I knew I was getting what I had asked for and it worked wonders against my static line.

Here is a short run down of what happened.

BA Turn 1: Drop Pod lands 3 inch in front of my Leman Russ and Furioso deploys and promptly puts a Heavy Flamer and Meltagun on my Exterminator. 4 Guardsmen gone, 1 Hull Point off the Ex. Whirlwind fires and takes out 8 Guardsmen from another unit and they flee from the board.

IG Turn 1: Bust, I fire a Battle Cannon and scatter causing 1 Hull Point to the Ex.

BA & IG Turn 2: Was  uneventful.

BA Turn 3: Assault Troops land wipe out must of my Command Squad

IG Turn 3: I put some damage on the Furioso, Rhino and Baal.

BA Turn 4: Terminators and Librarian in a Drop Pod decide to say hello to my front line. The Rhino drops off a Tactical Squad. My Leman Russ takes a hull point from something. At this point I am just trying to see the end of turn 5 with the Objectives I have.

IG Turn 4: Did some damage to the Tactical Squad but the dice gods were hating on me pretty badly by this point or maybe they just really liked Scott.

BA Turn 5: more Devastation. I am down to a Platoon Command Squad, DA Scout Squad, a Lord Commissar, a Dark Angel Librarian, and my Company Commander (minus the squad).

IG Turn 5: I finally kill the Furioso (though I may be a turn off on this because I think this was the turn Scott's Terminators destroy my Leman Russ. Anyways they are both dead by this point.)

BA Turn 6: I now have a unit of DA Scouts and a Company Commander, due mostly to Terminators with Storm Bolters and a Heavy Flamer.

IG Turn 6: We flip the objective counters and for me to tie I would have needed a 4 point Objective and I 1, assuming Scott flip a 2 and a 3 for his objectives.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Well at least I had fun even if it was an uphill battle that I truly had no way of winning. Sorry for the crappy report but since I am two reports behind and wont be able to do anything until my new laptop shows up at the beginning of December I decided not to give my self yet more work.

Now if everything goes as planned and it didn't last week we may be playing a 1000 point Eldar vs. IG non-vehicle Crusader/Dawn of War match this coming Friday.


  1. Damn. We knew those drop pods were gonna be mean

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