Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Codex Inquisition

I will tell you right now that I was only slightly interested in the upcoming Codex Inquisition. Since it is basically just an ally codex and with the fact that I never did get any models that will be represented in the codex with the exception of a couple of priest. I couldn't really see picking the codex up without some sort of incentive. I had thought about getting it for the lore but seeing that I am broke most of the time it really was pretty far off on the list of wants. Then they did this.

Being a huge fan of Dan Abnett and the Eisenhorn series, this brought the codex back to the top of my want list. To have the chance to field Eisenhorn in my Imperial Guard army was just to much for me to push the codex away. So once I can scrounge up the money and of course assuming they actually release a fig for him I am hoping to pick this up. Fortunately until this happens, the codex can slowly slide back down to a more comfortable place.

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