Thursday, November 7, 2013

Upcoming Battle: Chaos Space Marines vs Tau - 500 Points

So we have come full circle and are now back to the postponed CSM vs Tau battle that had been slated for the end of September/ beginning of October. I waited till now just to make sure the game was actually going to happen. Well it was verified not long ago and here we are posting about it.

Mission - Purge the Aliens
Battlefield - Vanguard Strike
Night Fight - 1st Turn

This is a pretty straight forward battle and we expect it to be bloody.

He is the list that will be taken by Dreese

HQ1 - Sorcerer w/ the Mark of Tzeentch, Veteran of the Long War and Aura of Dark Glory

E1 - 5x Chosen w/ the Mark of Tzeentch, Veteran of the Long War, 1x Power Weapon, and 1x Power Fist

E2 - Hellbrute w/ Heavy Flamer

T1 - 10x Cultist w/ Autoguns and 1x Heavy Stubber. Champion w/ Shotgun

T2 - 10x Cultist w/ 1x Flamer

This is the same list that he took against me a month or so ago and it has the potential to hurt someone. I definitely under estimated its destructive power in our game so I will be interested I seeing how it fairs in this match.

Austin have a new line up for his Tau, hoping that a transport may help him out. From what I can tell this is going to be what he fields.

HQ1 - Cadre Fireblade w/ Shield Drone

E1 - 2x Crisis Suits w/ Missile Pod and Plasma Rifle

T1 & T2 - 6x Fire Warriors w/ Sahs'ui and Shield Drone

T3 - 7 Fire Warriors and Devilfish w/ Twin-Lingked Smart Missile System and 2x Seeker Missiles

I am not sure what to say about the list other than it has potential. I have seen Austin go into battles with similar and then lose because of bad luck. So I am going to hold judgement until I actually see him play.

I went in to this battle backing Dreese for the win without knowing the Mission since he almost stole the game from me when we ran Relic, but this is Purge the Alien and Austin won't have to make an Objective grab and can comfortably sit back and shoot across the field. I believe the mission favors Austin. Dreese is going to have to work a little bit harder to walk away with a win.

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