Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am back and I found a Datslate

So the last 2 weeks were a bit rough. The holidays are here and I seemed to have more work than necessary both at work and at home. I also finally received the new laptop and I think I have it configured that way I want it so hopefully I will be able to get more posting done, but this isn't why I am here.

Today is about Dataslates since I had a chance to take a look at both the Tau and Eldar slates. I don't care so much about the formations them selves but for the rules that allow you to take them. So from what I take away from this the dataslate formations work like this.

They are a specific detachment from the Codex they are listed as. The Tau Firebase Support Cadre is a Detachment from Codex: Tau.

They are an Allied Detachment that does not use up you Allied Detachment Option. So if you can ally with do then you can take the Tau Firebase Support Cadre but still take another Allied Detachment.

You can take any number of these Dataslate Formations. So if you want to take 2 tau Firebase Support Cadres then go ahead. One Tau and then some Eldar Ghost Warriors, go ahead. Oh and you still get your Allied Detachment if you wish.

Thus far though I don't really see a reason to take the current dataslate formations unless you are already going to take the models to begin with. I can see Austin pulling out the Tau formation when playing me since I tend to run a bit heavy on the Armor. George doesn't have a reason to take the Eldar formation at all since he runs Iyanden and gets to take Wraithblades and such as scoring units. I am very interested in the dataslate for Cyper though since I have fielded my Dark Angels as Fallen in the past.

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