Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I like tanks and it is one of the reason that I had started to pick up Imperial Guard way back in the day. Today I am playing the IG and I have a couple of tanks and after a few games I have realized that I need to take a better looks at what the IG have to offer in the various tanks they can field. Normally I run with a standard Leman Russ and a Exterminator as well as a Chimera for my Veterans. Now I have had a very high success rate with my Chimera typically by dropping the vets off in the center of the board and then play havok in my opponents back line, its a very good way to get your opponent to spend a turn or two ignoring your Leman Russ. It is pretty difficult to take aim on the battle tanks when you are being tank shocked by a transport. So my Chimera isn't so much of an issue, I run with a turreted Heavy Bolter and a Hull Heavy Flamer and most of my problems go away. My problem though sits with the Battle Tanks.

So like I said, I run with a standard and an Exterminator variant Leman Russ. Both do their jobs well when they hit and when they don't they are so so. I believe I am getting my monies worth with both tanks but I have started wondering if there was a better variant that I could use.

Now I use my Standard for a tank hunter and run a Hull Lascannon and sponson Heavy Bolters which gives me two anti-armor weapons and some close support. I will tell you right here and now that my main issue has been armor penetration and as of two games ago I had forgotten that I get to roll two dice to penetrate and pick the highest (this is what happens when you don't write down the important stuff). In my mind this tank is probably the best all around of the variants to take but I need a tank hunter because I just want a tank hunter which give me a couple of options. I can take the Vanquisher which gives me much better penetration and in theory this is damn good 50% of the time because that is how often I am going to hit. Now I only typically hit about 50% of the time with the pie plate as well but I have also scatter so bad on at least two occasions that I have hit my own guys. There is also the Executioner, 3 tea cups means I can hit up to 3 times but the penetration is worse and it is more expensive. If I am expecting a large number of lighter vehicles this may be the way to go. And lastly there is the Annihilator and yes I do own a copy of the Imperial Armor that contains this variant. Gone is the ordnance but we get Twin-Linked! So I guess I will be trying these three out and seeing how they play. I have already taken the Executioner once but it never really had a chance to engage the enemy, though I did evaporate a couple of Tau Stealth Suits with it. I was thinking of running a Vanquisher in the next battle that I am sure I will see tanks and maybe the Executioner if not.
Conversely I use my Exterminator for anti-infantry and anti-light armor. I know I probably just go with two standard Leman Russ and be done with it but what fun is that? First off I am not sure the Punisher is worth 30 more points in order to get 20 shots that even IG can save against. I guess if I was going to play against an opponent with a ton of infantry this would be great but my opponents are all typically medium to heavy infantry that use transports. Then there is the Eradicator, not sure I like this either but i will probably give it a try since it ignores cover and that is always handy since we run loads of scenery. So I am pretty sure the Punisher is out for my needs but I may just have to give the Eradicator a try.

So if you are still with me than you probably came to the realization that this was all just a way for me to put on paper my thoughts on the subject and help me come to a couple of decisions on what my buddies may be seeing from me in the next couple of games. Hopefully I will be seeing a game tonight and tomorrow but then I have never been that lucky.

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