Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 1

So two things happened on the 1st of the year, I was able to play a very good game against Austin's Tau and Scott made some scenery. Yeah OK that doesn't sound all that exciting but since the game was against our youngest and least experienced player and he almost won as well as the fact that Scott has made the first bit of scenery that I didn't have to build I was pretty happy.

So first off, the almost loss to Austin's Tau. I screwed up and I did so bad, I deployed my Aegis horribly, I gave up turn 1 to Tau, I deployed the rest of my army in the most heinous way possible and then Austin exploited ever bit of my mistake. By the time my bit of turn 2 came around I had less than half my army and fortunately for me my Veterans and the Vendetta they were in made it to the board. I did get very lucky in that we were playing the Scouring and the two objectives I was sitting on were a 3 and 4 point objective while Austin was sitting on a 2 and 3 point objective.

So now for the scenery, Scott built one of these.

Ok so maybe not this exact one but it was a Print and Play building from Just print out the template, glue it to foam core, and then cut/glue it all together. It made a beautiful building. So if you are looking for easy to make building, definitely go check out the site and look through what is in the STC section. I believe we will be adding a couple more such buildings to our scenery box before to long.


  1. Hey Jeffery, that's really cool that Scott had a go at the template, I'll be making some more designs in 2014 I'm trying to decide which is more important some new texture maps or more variety in sizes of the existing scheme?

    Hope you enjoy using them, thanks again for giving a shout out for the templates, have a happy New Year.

    1. New texture maps would be great. The only variety in size that I could see spending time on might be a single floor (wide). With that and new textures it should give people a great blend of buildings.