Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Found my Stuff

So last week saw the conclusion of a long time attempt to find several boxes of very old 40k figures. In this massive pile of boxes I found some of the following

1x Armorcast Reaver Titan
2x Armorcast Warhound Titans
3x Armorcast Baneblades
1x Armorcast Shadowsword
Several Imperial Guard Tanks (both LMR and Chimera chassis)
Several Space Marine Rhino Chassis Tanks
Box full of Old Eldar and Chaos Space Marine figs
Box of Old Tyranid models (including 59 Genestealers)

and most importantly

My Old Dark Angel Army!

Which with the IG Tanks is what I was really looking for. The old Eldar and CSM stuff is most likely going to get sold as fast as I can in order to make some room. Actually the Eldar and some Ork stuff I found will be sold as soon as George comes by with the money. The CSM stuff I am still going to have to sort through though and on first glance it appears that I had one of the old Skull Faced Chaos Dreadnaughts.

The only problem I have now is the box of tyranids. After looking through it I wasn't able to find a single HQ option so either my Hive tyrant, warriors and carnifex are in another box or they are lost to the warp and while I wouldn't mind fielding the swarm again, I am not sure I want to buy another hive tyrant.


  1. Gotta love old stashes!
    If you have even one Tyranid Warrior, you can field him as a Tyranid Prime HQ. It's definitely not the popular choice, but it works.

    1. Yeah I should have a Hive Tyrant and 3 Tyranid Warriors in a box somewhere. I just need to find them.