Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kill Team

So we played two games of Kill Team last Friday. I took notes and pictures fully expecting to do a battle report for at the least my battle against Austin, but..... as much as I wanted to enjoy the game and as much as I tried to bring my self to write up the report I just couldn't do it. My game against Austin turned out to be an easy game well in my favor. IG versus Tau with Tau as an Attacker, yeah I won that with absolutely no issues. The next game was Austin against his dad, Scott (Tau vs. Blood Angels) and Scott was destroyed in turn 3. Now we have played a lot of 500 point battles and even then the 6e rules are rather balanced, so if you play well and the Dice Gods don't hate you any army can win but at 200 points just one bad roll can completely destroy you. I DON'T LIKE THAT!

That got me thinking though, can I do something to fix this. OH YEAH! Necromunda! yep that's the ticket I can update Necromunda to fit 6e and give it a test drive. So there we have it, I am working on a conversion of Necromunda to allow for a true skirmish based 40k game using a merger of the rules. Yeah it may be a bit more complicated than a normal 40k but not so horribly simple as a game of Kill Team. If I get it right then I should be able to balance the system to allow a nice 90 minute game of 40k using approximately 100 points.

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