Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Battle - Blood Angels vs Eldar - 1000 points

This weekend saw a battle between a heavy assault build of Blood Angels vs a Iyanden Craftworld Eldar build. I would love to say this was a great game because it had the potential, but the Dice Gods had other plans. Scott had a horrible run on bad luck with the dice while George had a normal session. Tactically the game had everything you would want from to players that have a clue about whats going on and the flow was there, but the one sided dice ruined the entertainment value by quiet a bit.

The game was a "The Emperor's Will" mission on a "Vanguard Strike" Battlefield. The terrain was basically the same for both sides with hills, 1 ruin and then a line of forest in the center field. I placed the objective there. Deployment with as usual with half of the Blood Angels in reserves and all of the Iyanden on the field. Now I don't have the list used but hopefully the guys will post them in the comment section at some point.The Game ended 3 points to 2 in the favor of Iyanden in Turn 5 with the Blood Angels giving up the game due to only having 4 models on the field and nothing that could remove a Wraithlord from the objective.

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  1. So, sure as shooting, I stay true to my Iyandan ways and I win. I deviated very little by adding pathfinders and sure as shooting they were my weakest link. They incurred the wrath of the Blood Angels and took out Illic as my Warlord. Serves me right for tainting the force.

    Next time, Spiritseer Council. Enough Fiddling around. Time to give my Wraithlords some serious back up.

    Also next time, Wraith guard/blades will be brought depending on the opponent. They have proven themselves over and over again as a strong enough unit to hold just about any position for the duration of the game. Real question comes in how many I will bring next time. Ultimately, this will be my troop choice going forward.

    Pathfinders are nice, but only in some scenarios. I really think I will be going back to bikes for most scenarios. The bikes hide better as long as I keep them moving to get the jink save. I have a feeling these two groups will be interchangeable based on given scenarios.

    The Fireprism once again shows very little offensive capability, it continues to simply soak damage. I have a feeling its time to play that bad boy differently than I have.

    I missed my Wave Serpent horribly. Nonetheless, I won, rather handedly.

    Once they started dropping pods and bringing in reserves behind my line, I had to change up my methods. So I took out the troops and used the force that did that to take the objective on the last round while using the prism to hold line breaker. The nice dice rolls helped a lot and so I had a lot of room for error.

    Praise be to the dice gods.