Monday, December 30, 2013

Not how I wanted it to be...

So I had two weeks off from work but it seemed more like I was still at it. Between cleaning for guest, cooking meals, and doing stuff for Christmas I sort of missed a good portion of being on vacation. Fortunately I did get something out of it, I walked away with the Kill Team and Cypher dataslates, a Chimera, a Sentinel, and a Valkyrie. We only had one game and it lasted three turns before we had to call it for reasons of Family. We have a brand new gaming table that I hope to get some pictures of sometime soon and I have been working on a piece of scenery to add to the scenery that I have yet to finish. I kind of decided to wait until I get a compressor to finish most of it. Hopefully we will get a pretty good game in pretty soon. I would like to actually use some of my new stuff.

Oh as a note, the Vendetta will take out a Wraith Lord pretty quickly so I was happy that my daughter bought it for me.

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