Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Arbiter POV: Eldar vs. Tau w/ Blood Angel Allies

Firstly, I am sorry that I don't haven't he battle report up as of yet. I kind of lost track of the camera. So hopefully I will be able to upload the pictures tomorrow and get the report out sometime this week.

Secondly, since I don't currently have the battle report up I decided to give a POV of the battle. I must say that for the entirety of the seven turn game I had no clue what so ever the two side were doing. I couldn't figure out if a battle plan was even thought up. It looked like there may have been something on turn two but if there was it completely fell apart by turn three. Not sure what was up with the Deployment but that may have been due to space restrictions. The table we are playing on currently is a bit undersized for 1000 point games. I am planning of fixing the issue over the next month so larger battles should be coming soon.We had our first turn 1 vehicle kill and that was mostly due to a pair of Bright Lances and a clear lane of fire.

It appeared that luck and reactionary movement was the name of the game and while the game was down to the last movement of the final turn before we knew who won it wasn't the most enjoyable game to watch. Lots and lots of shooting with nothing happening or single wound hits. Large amounts of static fire due to being boxed in. I think some of it was my fault as I got a bit carried away with the scenery. Next time I think I will try for something with a little more openness. Couple more clear fire lanes and maybe a way for vehicles to easily cross the field.

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