Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Want Some Ogryn!

It is true, I do want some Ogryn and I want to put them in a Chimera and on turn two have them pop out of said Chimera as close to my opponents front line and unload with their Ripper Guns. I do not care is they survive to see turn three since they will be what most Elite options are to me, a distraction. That is right, I use elites and for the most part all non-scoring troops as a way to distract my opponent from what is really important in most 6e missions, my scoring units.

So take 5 Ogryn add a Priest and place them in a Chimera with a hull mounted Heavy Flamer and send it on its way. You can also add a unit of veterans with flamers and such for support also in a Heavy Flamer Chimera. Not sure how effective it would be but I am pretty sure it will get someones attention. Which is the point of this whole thing to begin with.

My plan has a problem though, the GW Ogryn figs are hideous. Yeah I hate the look of the figs. On top of that the things are $23 a pop and still metal. None of which I want to deal with so I needed an alternative, something cheaper, less ugly, and hopefully not weighing so much. So I started looking and since I didn't want Attila the Ogre and since I am lazy don't want to convert any thing to overly much I left the GW site for other options. That led me to what I found below.

So my plan was 5 Ogryn and the box above gives me 5 Ogrun that have guns similar to Rippers and are on the appropriate sized bases. They are also not hideous and could fit the roles nicely. The best part is that you get 5 for the price of only 3 Ogryn. I think I could live with that.

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