Thursday, October 24, 2013

Battle: Eldar vs. Tau w/ Blood Angel Allies - Tau/Blood Angel List

So here is the list for the allied side of this battle. I am taking a new tank this time around just to change some things up. I don't actually have the model yet but I will in the near future. We are hoping to take the Eldar down without loosing to many units but then again neither of our armies have played against them before.
Tau (Primary attachment)
HQ - Cadre Fireblade w/ Shield Drone
Elite - 2 XV8 Crisis Team w/ Plasma Rifles, Missile Pod and 2 Shield Drones
T1 - 8 Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Rifles
       1 Shas'ui w/ Shield Drone
T2 - 8 Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Rifles
Fast Attack - 7 Pathfinders 3 w/ Ion Rifles
                    1 Recon Drone
Blood Angels (Allied detachment)
HQ - Librarian w/ The Blood Lance and Blood Boil
T1 - 5 Tactical Marines w/ Sergeant w/ Standard weapons
          Rhino w/ standard weapons
Fast Attack - Baal Predator w/ Twin-linked assault cannon
Heavy Support - Vindicator


  1. Ok... so the office doesn't like the site and blocks my ability to post. So I shall do it in response to Scotts posting. The Eldar, in their infinite wisdom have decided to change the tactics up a bit Because they are simply tired of ties. This battle will be one in which we will utterly fail or succeed in such fashion as to have the wraith sing throughout eternity, mainly because it relies heavily on them anyways, it seems appropriate.

    Spiritseer and
    in Waveserpent

    with supporting Vyper

    2 Wraithlords sporting Dual Bright Lances, Flamers and Ghostglaives
    with supporting Fire Prism

    Basically it will be a strong support system with a fast moving troop line. Will it work? Will I deploy right? Will the ever laughable dice gods favor the Eldar on this night? No one knows as I didn't take a Farseer to tell me. Soooo, I leave it up to the powers of fate to time to tell me how it works. Lord knows it is a formidable force I am going up against.

    1. Hopefully your spirit seer has more bravery to stay on the battlefield instead of running like a farseer