Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Imperial Guard POV: Tau vs Imperial Guard

Let me start off by saying that this was a training game and I was being friendly. So since I was teaching and focusing more on what Austin was doing than remembering what I should have been doing I did forget some stuff. Namely that I could have rerolled the scatter on my griffon. On several occasions, especially in the first turn, it would have come in handy to re-roll the complete misses. I also should have left out the Master of Ordnance. Not that he didn't do his job, just that he would have been better against an army with more troops. Having wide open areas of table for him to scatter into made for a couple of complete misses. My only other complaint is that I screwed up on my deployment of the Chimera. I still believe I should have placed it on the other side of that hill in order to get a better line of movement past the ruins in the center of the board. Other than that i was pretty happy with what I did in this battle.

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